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Berry Blue and Sunset Orange Controllers Are Back For a Limited Time

Since its inception, there have been limitless ways to customize your PlayStation 4. You could buy a limited edition console with special artwork such as the Kingdom Hearts 3 or Death Stranding PlayStation 4s. Don’t want to buy a whole console? Well, you could buy a special DualShock 4 controller in bright colors to make your system unique. Now, for a limited time, some fan favorite controllers are making their return.

Both controllers are absolutely stunning

The Sunset Orange and Berry Blue controllers were initially announced back in August 2018. Both variants sold out quickly and fans everywhere struggled to find any remaining ones. Sony is restocking both designs in the U.S. and Canada and they can be found on Amazon, PlayStation Direct or Game Stop. The Sunset Orange controller blazes a vibrant orange with navy blue buttons, joysticks and back plate. Meanwhile, the Berry Blue controller is a cool turquoise with burgundy button, joysticks and back plate. Both controllers are selling at full price for $65.

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PlayStation offers a ton of beautiful colors

Of course, if you don’t want to spend that much there are many other controller colors that you can buy for a cheaper price. For instance, the Magma Red, Gold and Titanium Blue controllers are all available for under $50 on Amazon right now. If you missed your opportunity the first time around for these special controllers though, I highly recommend you grab them now. With the PlayStation 5 just around the corner, we will likely not see these controllers again. I already picked up my new Berry Blue controller yesterday.

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