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Vote for Pokemon of the Year Via Google

Do you want to be the very best like no one ever was? Well, a good place to start is having your favorite Pokemon pal be the best as well! How can you make that happen? Simple, head on over to Google and vote for them!

February 27 is Pokemon Day and it is a fantastic time to celebrate a franchise near and dear to all of our hearts. Leading up to the big day, trainers from all over the world have the opportunity to vote for their favorite Pokemon. All you need to do is vote here or type “Pokemon vote” in the Google search bar. From there, select the region that your favorite Pokemon was first discovered in. Then, simply search for them on the list which is sorted by National Pokedex number. All 890 Pokemon from every region are available so there is no need to worry about your favorite not being there.

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Trainers will need to sign in using a Google account to ensure they are only getting one vote per category per day. Once you select a Pokemon you cannot change your choice. So, save all of your joke votes for a different competition. According to the competition’s official blog post, “votes will be counted based on the Pokemon’s National Pokedex number, even for Pokemon that have multiple forms, including regional forms.” So, make sure you are picking the form of Vulpix or Grimer you actually want to win.

Voting is open now until 5:59 am PST on February 14. So, make sure you head over and vote daily to increase your Pokemon’s chances of winning! The winner will be announced on Pokemon Day and take home the title of Pokemon of the Year! Here’s hoping you and your Poke pal’s adventure leads you to being the very best!

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