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David Ayer is Still Defending his Version of The Joker

Filmmaker David Ayer is not afraid to defend his Warner Bros. Pictures movie “Suicide Squad.” We can’t really blame him, honestly, as the more he talks about it, the more it seems like the studio never trusted his vision for it.

If you’ll recall in May of 2020, DC Comics fans were presented with the realization that yes, the much-rumored Snyder Cut of “Justice League” is a thing, and yes, we’d be seeing it eventually on HBO Max. This started all the conversations again about other director’s cuts seeing the light of day.

Will Smith, David Ayer on “Suicide Squad” set Credit: Clay Enos Copyright: © 2015 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Enter David Ayer, and his cut of “Suicide Squad,” which he originally said didn’t exist, but now he says definitely DOES exist. He’s been pretty upfront about the meddling of the studio, and how his version of the story was less humour-filled.

Even fellow WB DC director Cathy Yan (“Birds of Prey“) offered her support to Ayer, as did James Gunn, who will be helming the followup “The Suicide Squad.”

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And of course, anytime someone talks about the ‘Squad, Jared Leto‘s Joker gets brought up.

As we said previously, we’d be really curious to see Ayer’s vision of the film. Maybe it’ll happen.

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