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Tony Todd is Voicing Venom in Sony PlayStation’s “Spider-Man 2!”

To really drive home just how good “Spiderman” and “Spiderman: Miles Morales” are, I’m mostly an Xbox player, with the microsoft console being my primary system of choice. I do own a PS4, but that was more because a friend was selling his old one for such a good price it was hard to pass up. It sat collecting dust, that is until my last birthday when I decided to grab the newly released, critically acclaimed “Spiderman: Miles Morales” for my birthday in November. The game was so good I finished it in just about 2 weeks, which if you know anything about how little time I have to play games is pretty damn impressive. I had so much playing this game I immediately swooped up the original “Spiderman” game, and played through that with every ounce of free time I could find. The games are some of the best gaming has to offer, so hearing that not only are we getting a sequel that includes both Peter Parker and Miles Morales, but also includes Venom voiced by Candyman himself, Tony Todd makes it the most anticipated release of its day.

Sony is Banning Players Who Sell Their PS Plus Collection Access

Unsurprisingly, Sony isn’t a big fan of players getting products without paying for them. This includes players getting access to titles that are free for PS Plus subscription members. Currently, PS5 owners with a scubscription have access to a slew of PS4 titles that they can download for free. However, these games can’t be claimed […]

Players Can Transfer PS4 Spider-Man Save File to PS5 in New Update

Insomniac Games is listening to us! In a recent announcement, the developer confirmed that a new update is arriving for the PS4 version of “Spider-Man.” This new update will enable players to export their save files to the PS5 version of the game. Players should look for the update to arrive later this month. Specifically, […]

Sony Discounts PlayStation Plus Subscription for Some Players Ahead of PS5

We are only a week away from the launch of Sony’s big next gen console. With the PlayStation 5 looming on the horizon, it seems that Sony is trying to incentivize PS4 players to keep their PlayStation Plus subscription. Recently, some players have been receiving e-mails from Sony offering discounts to extend their subscriptions. Currently, […]

“P.T.” Will Not Be Backwards Compatible with PlayStation 5

The PlayStation 5’s launch marks the end of a horror era. For a select group of PS4 owners, they find themselves with consoles worth triple what a normal one is worth. This huge increase in value is all because their consoles are the only ones in the world still capable of playing “P.T.” “P.T.” is […]

Images of an All-Black PS5 DualSense Controller Have Appeared

Since the PlayStation 2, Sony has made a habit of making both their consoles and controllers black. That’s why the initial reveal of the PlayStation 5 was so surprising. The two-toned black and white color pattern of both the console and DualSense controller looks significantly different than anything Sony has made before. Of course, not […]

PS5 Players Can Record Voice Chats and Give Them to Moderators

Yesterday, update 8.00 hit PlayStation 4 players with a slew of problems. For some players, they found themselves unable to access their groups or friends list. Meanwhile, the entire PlayStation network went down for some time locking everyone out of online play. However, the biggest problem came in a surprisingly different form. Many players became […]