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Sony is Banning Players Who Sell Their PS Plus Collection Access

Unsurprisingly, Sony isn’t a big fan of players getting products without paying for them. This includes players getting access to titles that are free for PS Plus subscription members. Currently, PS5 owners with a scubscription have access to a slew of PS4 titles that they can download for free. However, these games can’t be claimed on a PS4. So, many PS5 owners are selling their access to these titles to eager PS4 owners. As a result, many players are now experiencing Sony’s wrath.

Image Credit: Sony
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Essentially, PS4 buyers give their login information to a PS5 owner with access to these titles. Then, the PS5 owner goes in and claims the games. Once this is done, they sign out of the account and the PS4 owner changes their password. Now, the PS4 owner has all of the games they desire without needing a PS5. However, both buyers and sellers are facing mass bans from Sony. Players are reporting that these bans are not permanent.

Things are far worse for the PS5 sellers than a simple ban though. Their PS5 consoles are no longer able to connect to PSN at all. This means that their new consoles are essentially rendered useless. After all, no online access means they can’t even finish installing disc-based games. It’s a serious punishment for those trying to ignore the rules and make a quick buck. So perhaps think twice before offering to get your friends on PS4 some free games. It’s certainly not worth your $500 conosle being made useless.

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