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E3 Is DisneyLand For Gamers

E3 is an annual event held every year in June. Major video game companies showcase to the public what they’ve been working on, as well was what they want us to buy in the coming months and years. It’s has for the most part always been in the LA Convention center in the heart of […]

PUBG Is Un-Banned In Nepal

A few weeks ago Players Unknown Battleground also known as PUBG had gotten banned in Nepal. The reasoning for the ban was for addiction concerns. But when that had happen it had gotten the attention of the Nepal Supreme court, and the decision was overturned. Nepal’s supreme court went on to say that the ban […]

BorderLands 3 Set to Release On Sept 13th

BorderLands 3 has taken the internet by storm and has gotten just about everyone excited for it. To no surprise it will be coming to both Xbox One and Playstation 4. But was is shocking is that if you have a PC it will be a Epic Game store exclusive until April 2020. This is […]

Nerdbot Review: Resident Evil 2 Remastered

It’s been well over 20 years since the masterpiece of Resident Evil 2 came out on the PlayStation 1. But now we get to revisit or in my case visit Racoon City. When the original cut of this game came out I was only 1! And needless to say when I got older I was […]

New Dragon Ball Game ‘Project Z’ Announced for 2019!

2019 is shaping up to be the year of the Dragon Ball! Even though Dragon Ball Super has already ended it seems like they have no plans on stopping that money train anytime soon. The hype around this franchise just keeps getting bigger and bigger, recently riding high off the success of their most recent […]

Nintendo Switch Officially Best Selling Console for 2018

For quite some time now the PS4 has been the dominating video game console. Beating out both the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, but at last a new King has finally emerged. And it is none other than the Nintendo Switch! It was deemed the best selling console of 2018. Nintendo reached the highest annual […]

Fortnightmares Is Finally Over

Epic Games has been teasing that something big will be happening today (for me November 4th 2018). By showing off pictures of the cube that’s been giving birth to all the monsters. Some players even noticed that the cube had a giant cracks in it, leading everyone to believe it’s going to break. Epic Games […]

Fortnitemares Is A New Step In The Right Direction

Epic Games has been in the spooky spirit since the start of this season. The latest season has been entirely based around Halloween and horror films/ stories.This latest model they’ve incorporated into the battle royal mode is a challenging yet exciting newish mode. With tons of new content. For starters in playground mode they put […]

Confirmed: Fable 4 Is In Development

It appears that our dreams may be coming true. So let’s get ready to make our way back to Albion as we gobble up each and every breadcrumb rumor that gets dropped by Microsoft. Although Lionhead Games shut down back in 2016, it appears that Playground Games will be developing the fabled Fable 4 as […]