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E3 Is DisneyLand For Gamers

E3 is an annual event held every year in June. Major video game companies showcase to the public what they’ve been working on, as well was what they want us to buy in the coming months and years. It’s has for the most part always been in the LA Convention center in the heart of Downtown LA. But even though Microsoft was a huge part of E3 they had all of there demos and shows in the Microsoft Theatre, which made a lot of sense due to spacing.

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Growing up as a kid E3 always looked like this cool exclusive club that very few could enter. But as the years went on and the industry started to change E3 had opened its doors to the public. But to enter is quite a hefty price. The prices to get in vary depending on how fast you buy them if you’re one of the lucky ones to get them early they cost $149 USD but after that they go up to $250 USD, but if you wait to buy them at the door (Which I strongly advise against) you’re going to be spending $995 USD!

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But once you manage to get inside of the actual event it makes you feel like you’re a kid in a candy store. You’re greeted with a huge sign welcoming you into E3. Alongside with a few booths set outside, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The moment you pass the lobby and enter the main halls the entire meta changes. All of a sudden the convention center looks like a giant amusement park. With all sorts of amazing things to do. It’s easy to get lost in the event and just wander around for what could be hours fanboying over every little thing you see.

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One of the biggest things they showed this year was Borderlands 3. So right away they made sure that’ll be the first thing you see. With a giant TV showing it off with giant statues with the characters right there. Another big one was of course Fortnite every year they seem to keep getting bigger and bigger. They had a bunch of interactive things to do to keep you there as long as they could. Bethesda had set there booth up in a way to where it felt like you were walking in a museum of all their current projects. Every corner you hit you saw something entirely new. Don’t even get me started on Nintendo they had so much to show off that they had an entire hall all to themselves!

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But be sure you know exactly what games you want to check out before you even get inside. Because the odds are hundreds if not thousands of other people are wanting to see the same exact thing as you. So know exactly where their booth is located at and get in line right away. Because just like disneyland you’ll be waiting for a very long time if you don’t manage yourself properly. So that way you can enjoy the rest of the event and not worry about missing out. And the one or few games you really wanted to see. It’ll make it that much more enjoyable for yourself.

Photo Credit: Luis Gutierrez

E3 2019 was an amazing event if it wasn’t from the environment, to the free stuff they gave away, and all the early hands on demos we got to play. Attending this event is something. I’ve always dreamed about as a little kid and I’m happy I got to make that dream finally come true. If you have the opportunity to go to E3 next year do yourself a favor and go! I’ll be trying to do the same thing too.

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