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Harry Potter Fan Restoring 1960 Ford Anglia, aka The Weasley’s Car

Very popular “Harry Potter” YouTuber Cherry Wallis has taken on a new project of fixing up the Weasley’s family car. She’s purchased a 1960s Ford Anglia, and intends to restore it to look like the car from “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.” Though Wallis says she has limited knowledge on how to restore […]

“Hookers & Blow Save Christmas” WEIRDEST Kid’s Book This Year

It’s tough to create a piece of media that’s just as engaging for children as it is for the adults who are experiencing the media with the children. There are some classics that have been able to read that fine line; many Pixar movies have done it, as have television classics like “Animaniacs,” and more […]

Mel Brooks is Releasing a New Memoir Later This Year

Mel Brooks, one of the greats of comedy and filmmaking, is releasing a new book later this year. Titled “All About Me! A Remarkable Life in Show Business,” this memoir will be published by Random House. Thats…sorta all we have so far. You can pre-order it now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. “All About […]