Wednesday, April 1, 2020

W.R. Star

I'm Whimsy! I'm a cosplayer and crafter, and I also love video games and art. I have a little YouTube channel as a hobby for gaming, but here I love to write about gadgets, food, and other things that fit my interests. I'm a huge Bayonetta fan, and I also adore Minecraft and Morrowind.

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Give Your Home a Glowing Touch of Nature with these Light Up Log Lamps

There is a new lamp you can get for your home to bring the outside in while we're all stuck indoors! The Log Lamp is a great way to relax and set a mood.

A Dining Table that Hides Your Board Games and Puzzles Inside

Talk about a great way to be able to craft or make a puzzle but still be able to have a surface for dinner!

Light Up Your Room with a Starry Super Mario Lamp

You can now light up your game room with a cute mario star!

The Waffle Maker That Lets You Play with Breakfast, Lego Style

We're finally legitimately allowed to play with our food!

Vans are Releasing Sweet New Shoes with a Milk-Tea Twist

Coming in three different shades, the milk-tea line sports a very natural and gentle appearance while keeping an old school look that is overall very comforting.

A Super Cute Ghost to Hold Your Toilet Paper

Keep your toilet paper protected with this scary Boo holder!

The Coolest New Way to Eat Your Cereal

It's called the "Anti-Soggy" Cereal Bowl and it's going to keep your breakfast a lot crunchier!

Company Creates 3D Printed Respirator Valves to Help Patients with COVID-19

While previously rumored that the medical company was pressing charges, luckily that turned out to be false.

These Elegant Giraffe Sculptures Carry Light into Your Home

These fancy giraffes will carry your chandeliers for you!



Jack Black Dances to A-ha’s Take On Me While Social Distancing

Jack Black takes a moment to cheer us all up while he's practicing social distancing at home.

Mountain Dew Flavored Doritos Are Here

Mountain Dew Doritos exist! Who wants to try some?

Guy Programs Furby to Sing Chop Suey

A Furby can now sing Chop Suey and it's slightly disturbing. But in just the right way.

Get Cozy and Let Henry Cavill Read ‘The Witcher’ to You

Sit back and listen to the sultry voice of Henry Cavill