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A Super Cool Pineapple Backpack That’s Also a Cooler!

Target’s always got really cool stuff when summertime comes around.  Of course, things are a little different this year, but that can’t stop us from shopping for future gatherings.  And what better item could you have than a pineapple backpack that also doubles as a cooler?

Sometimes gatherings may not provide the drinks, or snacks, that you’re going to require.  So why not go to an event prepared with the things you need?  This backpack can store up to 20 cans to keep cool for you, and this space can also be used for bottled drinks or cold food items if need be.  These backpacks are not limited to pineapple, either!  They also come available in a watermelon design as well as colorful stripes.  And the designs on each are super cute and snappy, and they include pockets and nets for holding other items.  The lining is leak proof so there should be no risk of anything leaking through.

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The design for these bags is not necessarily new, but the styles are different this year. Each bag is $20, and if 20 cans is too many, you can also get a $10 tote in similar designs that carry 12 cans.  Either tote or backpack would be wonderful for going to barbecues, the beach, and even for conventions (if they let food and drink inside).  And while we know right now, gatherings have come to a standstill, we can always plan for the future with cool stuff like this.  They’re available for order on Target’s website, so grab one when you get a chance!

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