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A Tentacle That Makes the Perfect Body Pillow

Tentacle creatures have become a popular thing in the last decade, with people getting really interested in things like octopi, entities like Cthulhu or the fabled Kraken, or even weirder things we’d rather not mention.  Artists have begun to work with this obsession with tentacles and have created tentacle related crafts or imagery.  One user on Etsy has taken it to pillow making, and it looks fantastic.

Shut Up and Take My Yen has featured KawaiiKrakenShop’s six foot long tentacle body pillows, which are custom made to the buyer.  However, unlike a real tentacle, the tentacle pillow is extremely soft and comfortable to snuggle up against.  Customers start by choosing the top of the tentacle color of the listed colors available, and then can choose from quite a list of options for the bottom tentacle color (some of which are fun prints!), and then a color for the rings on the bottom.  Sample pictures show some pretty funky combinations.  The possibilities are through the roof with what one could choose for their own custom tentacle.

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Each pillow is about 6.5 ft long, which is long enough to cover the height of an average person and then some.  While they are firm, they are squishable as well.  The tentacle itself is only curled at the tip which can be wrapped around the arms or neck.  Its base circumference reaches around 32 inches.

The pillows are handmade and are priced at $150.  The item description lists that the price includes shipping costs so that there are no surprises at checkout.  The fabric used is an ultra-softy minky, and they’re stuffed with around six pounds of polyfil.  KawaiiKrakenShop asks for a three week window from payment to shipping to give enough time to take care of orders.  The pillows can be ordered from right here on their Etsy page.

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