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Crochet Your Cat The Cutest Little Couches

Crafters are always looking for fun new things to do with their hobbies, especially during this time of social distancing.  And some of us crafters have small pets, like cats.  Therefore, this is the perfect time to crochet our cats some tiny furniture.

Crocheted cat sofa.
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Cat furniture couldn’t possibly sound more adorable, and for those of you who love this idea and also know how to crochet, there’s a digital pattern available online that will instruct you on how to make these itty bitty couches.  The patterns originally came out in 1998 as part of a pamphlet by Candy Clayton simply called “Crochet Kitty Couches”.  Nowadays you can get it as a book or as an online download from Annie’s Craft Store, and there are three different couch patterns to choose from.

Crocheted cat sofa.
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Crocheted cat sofa.

These patterns aren’t just basic either; they have little intricate details that make them look super cozy.  Two of the cushy little couches have tiny throw pillows crocheted in, and the third couch has a stitched blanket thrown over the back.  Then the couches are stuffed with a thick foam and polyester to keep them nice and full for your pet.  The measurements can also be changed for larger cats and even small dogs.

The photographs that have appeared on the internet of peoples’ cats sitting all curled up on their couches are just too cute.  Each one is unique in color and size, and cats seem to absolutely love them.  So while you’re lounging in your human sized sofa, your cats can be doing the same on their cat sized sofa.

You can find the pattern available here!  The print to order pattern is $8.99 and the electronic download is $5.99.

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