Thursday, January 23, 2020

New Cremation Trend – Dry Freezing and Shattering

Regina A. Ruisi is responsible for a new type of cremation that is developing.

People Are Buying Snails The Size of Small Dogs As Pets

These giant snails are more than what people bargained for in a pet

Puffins Prove Seabirds Are Smart Enough to Use Tools

Annette Fayet has captured video of a Puffin scratching itself with a stick, bringing new evidence that shows increased intelligence of seabirds.

Scientists Just Found The Largest Flower In History(& It’s A Literal Monster)

Scientists in the West Sumatran forest just found the largest flower ever recorded

Scientists Make LEGO Cool, Literally at 0 Kelvin

Scientists wanted to test if the design and material of lego could be used as a good insulator.

Elon Musk’s Underground Tunnel in Las Vegas Eyes 2020 Completion

He's almost finished with an underground tunnel in Vegas

Scientists Are Actually Trying to Open a Portal to a Mirror Universe(Yes Really)

Oak Ridge National Laboratory is trying to reflect particles and create or discover a parallel universe

Sunset on the Last Wild Koalas

thanks to all these fires and a host of other issues, koalas are possibly functionally extinct.

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