Sunday, September 20, 2020
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Fungus Found Near Chernobyl Being Used by NASA to Block Radiation

Scientists at NASA have found that these mushrooms feed of radiation and do not pose a threat to humans if handled by them.

Scientists Think Calcium-Rich Supernova is Responsible for Human Teeth and Bones

a new study where scientists observed an exploding star from multiple angles and ways, they now think that the calcium found in our bones and teeth came from one of these supernovas.

Ireland Set to Have Massive Flying Ant Swarms for the Next Few Weeks

Though this happens every year, this years swarm was so big it was first mistaken as a rain cloud.

This Newly Discovered Sea Sponge is Named after Spielberg’s “E.T.”

This sea sponge reminded the oceanic explorers of E.T. What do you think?

A Squirrel in Colorado Tests Positive for the Bubonic Plague

In Colorado they've recently discovered that their squirrel population has picked up the bubonic plague. If you are out you are to avoid dead animals and report any sightings to the authorities.

Scientists Find 1.4-Million-year-old Hand Ax Carved From Rhino Leg Bone

Scientists have discovered a 1.4 million year old hand tool that displays advanced flaking techniques not previously found in bone.

This Smithsonian Dinosaur Puzzle Provides a Great Learning Tool

Looking for a good puzzle to do during lock down? Check out this Dinosaur one we found!

Balloon Rides to the Edge of Space Coming from Florida Company?

Space Perspective wants to start offering commercial balloon flights to the edge of space.

All the Ways to Benefit from Cannabis

The great thing about cannabis is that there are many different ways to consume the plant.

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