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Freezie Rainbow Slushie Cocktails Are a Summertime Dream

For those of us who enjoy a nice, creative drink, finding new recipes or methods to mixing up alcohol is always a fun adventure.  People have gotten very innovative with exciting ideas to keep making unique mixed drinks or cocktails, and we’ve found one that definitely fits that category.

For a little while, a post has been circulating the internet, from Pinterest to Instagram, involving the use of Freezies to mix with alcohol, but the key is to use one of each color to create a lovely rainbow slushie to enjoy during hot summer months.

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It looks like a pretty easy concept, and rather free for variation in what you choose to use for the drink.  And it’s really simple too!  Very few ingredients are needed; mainly you need the Freezies and the booze.  The concept relies on chopping or crushing the Freezie pops, likely while still frozen, and layering them into a glass (or a bowl if you want more than one drink, or are entertaining a group).  You then pour your desired alcohol in, and as the Freezies melt, you can sip up the lovely colorful concoction.  And the drink is nice and cool by default, so no need for ice!

With this idea the possibilities could be endless.  Vodka could be an ideal one to mix in, but you could also use rum for a sweeter spin, or maybe whiskey for a bit more of a bitter flavor.  In any case, whatever alcohol you choose to mix into the rainbow slush, it will probably taste delicious.  Please drink responsibly!

If you’d like to check out a fun recipe check out this one here!

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