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Andy Sharp

Andy Sharp is a writer/director/actor who's worked behind and in front of the scenes in the entertainment industry for the past 8 years. Currently a voice actor, he's still pursuing his dream of becoming relevant in the world of Hollywood. Outside of the pop culture dome, he's very passionate about the world of Pro Wrestling and Cosplaying. Support his group Agents Of Cosplay if you ever see them around!

Here’s How To Bypass The Virtual Queue for Galaxy’s Edge!

Now that Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is officially open wide to the public, the first thing Disney implemented was the new Virtual Queue. Think of it as a FASTPASS to the land itself. Park Goers will now have to enter through the gates of Disneyland, and ONLY, the Disneyland side will you be able to […]

How you’re getting into Galaxy’s Edge after June 24th!

Didn’t get a reservation for Galaxy’s Edge? No worries, as its been documented everywhere that the reservation period ends June 23rd, marking the end of what I like to fondly call, a beta test. Beginning June 24th, YOU, the general public, can freely go into Galaxy’s Edge without any strings attached! Except for one string… […]

The DO’S and DON’TS of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Greetings off-worlders! If you’re reading this, you’re about to embark into a galaxy far, far away or you at least have reservation for them, right? Because you’re here, let me run down some of the biggest DO’S and DON’TS while you visit Batuu, “a planet on the outer rim of the galaxy’s edge.” DO’S SPEAK […]

Coca-Cola and Netflix are gonna make Coke new again!

Just when you think things can’t get any more…Stranger, Coca-Cola comes in and says “Hold my soda.” To celebrate the release of the new season of Netflix’s retro series Stranger Things: Part 3, Coca-Cola has partnered with Netflix to celebrate a…classic? Though it may seem like an ad for regular Coke, it is actually for […]

John Wick Will Return In John Wick 4 for Revenge!

Lionsgate announced Monday that the Keanu Reeves action franchise, which just saw its third installment do $56 million this past weekend in theaters, will have a fourth entry coming on May 21, 2021. The news was sent out via text by the studios if you signed up through a text-alert from the John Wick movie website. The […]

The Twilight Zone “A Traveler” Nerdbot Review!

Previously on my review of The Twilight Zone, Black Lives Matter! Unless you’re in the Zone, then I guess you can flip it and reverse it on racism. Tonally, this episode of The Twilight Zone feels like a classic episode. A lot of trademark nods to the Serling era but ultimately I feel like relying […]

The Twilight Zone: “Replay” Nerdbot Review!

Previously on my review of The Twilight Zone, “THERE’S! SOMETHING ON THE PLANE! SOME…THING!” Like undertone racism and a podcast that can predict the…past? We wipe clean the weird aftertaste that was left by Ben Wyatt Adam Scott in his rendition of a classic episode and move on into a world that will hit closer […]

The Simpsons presented by Disney+ this Fall!

“Worst. Monopoly. Ever.” -Comic Book Guy That’s right folks, America’s favorite (and longest running) dysfunctional family is heading to the land of Disney! No, not the land that has overpriced churros and entitled passholders but to the land of Disney+, the new streaming platform coming November, 12th for $6.99. During an investor’s meeting today, a […]