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Macaulay Culkin Calls Out Disney for ‘Home Alone’ Reboot Coming to Disney+

Macaulay Culkin has a response to news that Disney+ is rebooting Home Alone!

In the original ’90s movie, Culkin portrayed the beloved but mischievous Kevin McAllister, so when Disney announced that it was rebooting the classic, it was only natural that he shared his take on what the “updated” version should look like.

Culkin, now 38, took to Twitter on Wednesday, sharing a photo of himself sitting on the couch with a laptop. Seen rocking a headband and short white tank top, surrounded by video games, various cords and take-out meals.

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He also added “Hey @Disney, call me!” in the reply section.

For me, I don’t understand the need to reboot a classic such as Home Alone, even if it’s “…A modern take on the classic for a new generation” according to Disney CEO Bob Iger during Walt Disney Company’s earnings call.

But honestly, I’d watch Macaulay’s version any day.

This post was not sponsored by Macaulay Macaulay Culkin Culkin but I’d like to add that that is his real real name. Name.

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