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The Difference Between Online and Live Casino

Online casino games, whether its slot machines or poker, have loyal legions of followers – many with their own particular favourite games, style of play and secret lucky charms. Some like to mix it up a bit, and will try new and unfamiliar games just to see if it gives them that buzz. Others readily admit to sticking to old and familiar, which can occasionally lead to monotony. Let’s face it, it is easy to fall into a comfortable rut when your gaming mojo needs reigniting. So, for those players who are ready to embrace something new, and relight their fire, what options are guaranteed to bring a fizz of excitement?

Live Casino and Real Time Gaming (RTG) are the buzzwords resonating throughout the online casino playing community these days, with the marketing blurb conjuring up the notion of a fully interactive real casino experience fresh from The Strip. But is this just hype? Not at all. Live Casino can actually bring a nerve-tingling Vegas-on-your-sofa frisson to you in your lounge. It’s also accessible 24/7 from Yukon to Winnipeg and Toronto to Prince Edward’s Island.

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Viewed via a live streaming video link, complete with Vegas-style glitz and razzamatazz, the games are hosted by Live Dealers in real time from a casino table. It brings the build-up, the pre-match fizz and the atmosphere of a bricks and mortar casino to you in an armchair at home, on the bus, or waiting for an Uber but without over-priced martini cocktails or big buck valet parking.

The ever advancing technology that powers Live Casino brings a slick, transparent and convenient experience packed with action. Players can keep track of events during gameplay, so can trace the ball on the roulette table of a card during a live blackjack game. A long list of recent numbers are displayed in live roulette, which is useful for anyone keen to study trends and patterns. Live Casino is a connecting experience too, with interactive elements based around the chat function. Bonds are formed and rivalries made during the camaraderie of the experience as players feed off the buzz of other players from all over the globe and enjoy the interaction of the table.

Playing live definitely has a higher pay-out – though you can choose real money or opt to take a trial. Live casino games are more likely to offer loyalty bonuses, promotions and casino deals. The visual allure of Live Casino is also becoming more and more seductive with new advancements often adding high definition virtual reality now to make it even more immersive. It’s compelling.

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Downsides? Unlike online casinos, where millions of people can play at one time, Live games are restricted by the size of the tables so only offer a certain capacity – just like a land-based casino. As Live Casino continues to grow in popularity, available table slots can seem to be like gold dust, but with 24/7 access it is all about finding a time that works for you.

Technical glitches, should they happen, can kill interest in a game. However, in reality these are usually easily resolved, or temporary. And, of course, connection issues aren’t limited to Live Casino; they can also happen during online casino games.

Another annoyance can be a player at your table who is distracted by what’s around him – kids, the fast food queue, or his passengers on the train – and this leads to frustrating delays, even with time limits in place. Instances like these are rare, and tend to be extremely well managed by the dealer.

The conclusion? Playing Live Casino with a licensed and regulated Live Casino operator undoubtedly brings the thrill of real live casino action experience to your laptop, Mac, iPad (or other tablet), PC or even mobile phone. Like any game, there are pros and cons to weigh up, especially in a direct comparison with the experience of online casinos. However if you feel primed to rediscover casino games such as table games, black jack, poker, baccarat and roulette in another form, and take advantage of some enticing bonus offers, then Live Casino could tick all your boxes and inject a zing into your gaming mojo. Start with the lowest house edge, Understand the rules of the game so you can code what’s going on, familiarize yourself with the wagering requirement, basic strategies and payout percentage. Then, armed only with an internet connection, you are ready to experience the horizon of the Live Casino world.

Live Casino is actually recognized by mental health professionals for the positive health benefits it can bring due to socialization, stress relief, kinship, fun and relaxation. However, there is no doubt that gambling, in any form, should always be done responsibly. Set your limits, stake only what you can afford, and enjoy it as entertainment in moderation – and allow Real Time Gaming (RTG) and Live Casino to kickstart your casino routine.

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