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The Oldest Gambling Establishments in the World

Casinos are not a new trend. They have been around for quite some time now. Although globalization has made things more accessible, the best casinos are still scattered across many places on the planet. But there are many online casino sites that let you enjoy the casino games from the comfort of your home with exciting bonuses such as the mr play online casino welcome bonus. However, they do not possess the sophistication of traditional ones that have stood the test of time.

What Casinos Have Been Around the Longest?

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There are more gambling establishments with a long history around than you’d expect. However, not all of them are still functioning. Thus, the following is a list of the oldest gambling establishments in the world that are still relevant today and the years they were established:

  • Casinò di Venezia (1638)
  • Casino de Monte Carlo (1863)
  • Casino de Spa in Belgium (1763)
  • Casino Baden-Baden (the 1820s)
  • Golden Gate Casino in Las Vegas (1906)

Casinò Di Venezia (1638)

Casinò Di Venezia is a gambling institution established by an Italian architect known as Mauro Codussi in 1638. It didn’t start as a typical gambling establishment. It was first used as a theatre with a wing inside used for gambling. The gambling would usually take place at play performances during intermissions. It contributed largely to the popularity of gambling in Venice. Barely a century later, the city recorded more than 100 gambling houses.

Casino de Monte Carlo (1863)

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Established in 1863, Casino de Monte Carlo is one of the largest and most prominent gambling establishments in Europe. The name resulted as a form of honor for Prince Charles III, the prince who initiated development. The words ‘Monte Carlo’ literally translate to ‘Mount Charles.’ Casino de Monte Carlo was also featured in movies such as GoldenEye and Ocean’s Twelve, among others. Till today, it entertains a lot of famous and wealthy people as a result of its pedigree and history.

Casino de Spa (1763)

Casino de Spa was initially a destination for those in search of spas in Belgium. However, the city became very popular for its casinos in the 18th century. As a result, the idea of having a gaming hall to entertain people at spas became rather popular all over the country and the world. Till today, Belgium spa resorts remain a favorite place for many to spend some time and relax. Now, Casino de Spa has more modern offerings such as slots, and they hold regular tournaments.

Casino Baden-Baden (the 1820s)

This gambling establishment is one of the oldest in the world and the oldest one in Germany. It was founded in the 1820s and is located in the popular spa city of Baden-Baden. When it was originally constructed, it hosted different types of people, including the rich and famous. The building has an impressive interior and neoclassical architecture. It is open to guests and is set in the social hub of the city Kurhaus that holds conferences, events, etc.

Golden Gate Casino (1906)

Situated at One Forefront Street in Las Vegas, Golden Gate Casino is the oldest and one of the most iconic gambling establishments in the city. It was constructed on land bought by an early businessman in Las Vegas named John Miller in 1905. The casino started out as just a tented structure but eventually blossomed into a permanent site known as Hotel Nevada in 1906. However, it wasn’t until 1955 that the building changed its name to Golden Gate. 

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