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“The Green Knight” Will Be Available to Stream for 1 Night Only

For a film as strange, unique, and polarizing as “The Green Knight,” it would seem fitting that it also has just as strange of a special streaming event. That’s right, “The Green Knight” will be available to stream exclusively on A24’s Screening Room for one night only on August 18th. The price of admission is $20, and once purchased you can watch the movie three ways: your web browser, Apple TV app or the Roku app. Starting at 9pm (PST), viewers will have 4 hours to watch the film.

Though simultaneous theatrical and streaming releases are becoming increasingly normal among major studios, it looks like every studio is trying to find their footing in this new world. This event style model is new, but may end up being a success. The Green Knight is very much an indie film, one that has garnered huge critical acclaim and mixed reviews from viewers. Since it’s not a major summer blockbuster and more of a fantasy deconstruction reimagining, movie goers have become far more selective about what they’re willing to leave their house for. Providing audiences an opportunity to check out this wonderful film could pay dividends by capitalizing on the stay at home audiences.

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A $20 price tag for a one night only, four hour viewing window may not be enough garner a huge audience, but the more people see “The Green Knight” the better. The film is fantastic, a visceral visual experience unlike anything you’ve seen before. It may not be accessible to everybody, as it is much more of an introspective, slow burn journey that requires investment than say a “Lord of the Rings” fantasy adventure, but for myself, I found the journey is absolutely worth it. “The Green Knight” was one of the best cinematic experiences of the year, and while it’s not necessarily for everyone, I’d recommend it to any one that will take my recommendations.

You can access the “The Green Knight” screening at the link below.

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