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“The Boys” Season 3 Gets “Supernatural” With Jensen Ackles

This just in- something for you “Supernatural” fans is coming to season 3 of Amazon’s “The Boys.” Jensen Ackles is reportedly joining the series as “The Original Superhero.”

Ackles will be playing American cultural icon Soldier Boy, who was the first super celeb after fighting in World War II.

Jensen Ackles, “Supernatural,” photo courtesy of The CW, Warner Bros. Pictures

The Boys” showrunner Eric Kripke, who also was in the hot seat on The CW’s “Supernatural,” said in a statement:

“When I was a child, I had a crazy, impossible dream — to provide Jensen Ackles with gainful employment. I’m happy to say that dream has come true. Jensen is an amazing actor, an even better person, smells like warm chocolate chip cookies, and I consider him a brother.

As Soldier Boy, the very first Superhero, he’ll bring so much humor, pathos and danger to the role. I can’t wait to be on set with him again, and bring a bit of Supernatural to The Boys.”

Ackles shared the news on his Instagram in a post about an hour ago.

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The Boys” season 2 hits Amazon on September 4th 2020. “Supernatural” returns to The CW on Thursday, October 8th 2020.

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