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Who Needs Ugly Christmas Sweaters When They Now Have Them for Halloween?

Sure Ugly Christmas sweaters are all the hotness. I myself have a Sailor Moon one that I covet. But what about before then when sweater season comes in full swing? There has to be a middle ground because as it starts getting cooler, eventually… you’re going to want a cool sweater. Well a warm one but you catch my drift.

Now has all kinds of Ugly Halloween sweaters that you can choose from. Be it a generic one with pumpkins and cats or a “Beetlejuice” or “Friday the 13th” one with Jason knitted into it. Check out some of the designs below!

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And like I mentioned I do have their Christmas Sailor Moon sweater so I can tell you with all honesty that these are some of the softest most comfortable things you will ever have on your person. If you want to check out the whole collection from you can by clicking the link here. These also make great gifts if you know anyone who LOVES Halloween.

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