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Please, Stop Releasing Complete Seasons of New Shows!


Who remembers “Game Of Thrones“? Oh yeah, it was this little show on HBO that basically controlled our lives for years. I even bought a sword at one point! You know…in case I had to fight a dude for whatever reason. 

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And yes, the majority of us only want to remember Seasons 1 – 7. Season 8…not so much. 

Do you remember the feeling and anticipation of waiting for the next episode? It was a combination of anger mixed with excitement. The waiting wasn’t easy, but the payoff was well worth it. 

Now let us enter the not so new world of streaming services.

Using Netflix as one example, it seems like there’s a new show to watch every week. And now with the introduction of some international gems like the German show “Dark” and past hits like the Spanish made “Money Heist,” our viewing options are expanding. 

So what’s the problem? More, immediate and accessible content should make us happy pandemic campers, right? Absolutely, but here’s the rub. There is a special love and connection we build with shows and their characters that only comes with time. And that time is us waiting a week for the next episode. 

Circling back to “Game Of Thrones” (GoT). Do you remember all of the online conversations, arguments, theories, viewing parties and merchandise for the show? Yeah, it feels like 100 years ago, but that’s what happened between episodes and seasons…THE BUILD UP!

With shows like GoT, I connected with people on show topics that I had never met before. Whether it be online, at work or at a social function. Not always in a good way, but nonetheless!

That same build up and hype we had for GoT, I don’t see that in any other streaming shows that are released all at once, in its full season. And if I do see some hype, it’s fleeting and lost a few weeks after it’s initial release. 


Two shows I’d like to point out that I feel suffer from this problem are “The Umbrella Academy” on Netflix and “The Boys” on Amazon Prime.

These are 2 shows that I love and I feel are getting robbed of a legacy.

Both shows have good writing, high production value, good acting, original stories and a unique visual style. 

Both shows are now coming to their second season releases. With that in mind, the current comments I hear and read of anticipation for the new seasons are:

“I forgot about that show,” “I binged the first season…it was cool,” “I’m glad they made a second season,” “Cool, another weekend show to binge watch.”

I, like most of you, did binge watch both shows and was blown away…for a few days. 

Without the watercooler conversation and build up, it felt like a dream. 

What should have been “Man, I can’t wait for the next episode. I can’t believe it ended like that” became “Yeah, I binged it this weekend. It was awesome”…and nothing else. 

And I admit and love that there are some fans out there that are fighting the good fight and do get hot and heavy with these shows, but I can easily argue that it could have been way bigger if these shows had weekly releases.

Again, the anticipation. 

Let’s talk about merchandise. Like…where is it?

Both of these shows are primed for great, consistent merchandise releases between seasons! 

We do have a few official pieces and fan sold products for these two shows on Etsy and other platforms, but I doubt sales are booming. I credit the lack of sales to a lack of prolonged interest that can only come with weekly releases and mid-season breaks. 

In short (like the interest for these shows), our thirst for binge content is destroying the legacy of what could have been new, prolonged fandoms.

Though it’s too late for these two shows, I hope there’s a change in the future.

Do you feel the same way?

Let me know what you think! 

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