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Nerdbot Cosplay Spotlight: Steph and Chrissy, aka DisneyTwincess

We never know who could be living right next door. There are cosplayers all over the world so you can never be too shocked at the growth of cosplay and how it’s been influential as of late. I would like to introduce two amazing people who have used their love of cosplay in a creative and fun way. From California, may I present to you, Chrissy and Steph but you may know them as the “Twincess”. 

Please introduce yourselves to our readers.

We are Chrissy and Steph, twin sisters who love Disney and love to cosplay. We have always been really into dressing up and Halloween and started cosplaying after going to San Diego Comic Con for the first time. Now we use it as a creative outlet.

How far do you go into researching a character you would like to cosplay? Is an image and basic background enough, or do you prefer that you’ve watched/read about the character in context of the story?

We usually relate to the personality of the characters we choose to cosplay. If we are cosplaying a character, chances are we have seen the movie multiple times and looked up a million pictures for reference. We like to cosplay characters that have something in common because we work better together. When creating the cosplay, I (Steph) am more big picture oriented and I do most of the machine sewing and coordination of the total outfit along with some wig styling. Chrissy is very detail oriented and does most of the hand sewing, detail painting, and embellishments. She also styles wigs.

What does “cosplay” mean to you and what is your favorite part of it?

Cosplay to us means dressing up like your favorite character. You can be as creative as you want and turn yourself into your idea of that character. We truly believe each cosplayer infuses what makes them unique into each character.

Our favorite part of cosplaying is interacting with others whether that’s at a convention or online. We love admiring other cosplays and seeing how people interpret different characters!

Are there any cosplayers that you really admire?

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We have met so many incredibly talented cosplayer friends from cosplaying. They are amazingly creative seamstresses, makeup artists, hair stylists, and awesome friends.

What are some random things that people should know about you?

We strive to always be our weird authentic selves and encourage others to do the same. We have a lot of different interests. We were in a metal band, we used to act in movies and musicals, we are really into health and wellness. I (Steph) am a scientist. Chrissy is really into fashion and styling outfits. We both love makeup as a means of expressing ourselves. We love traveling and road trips.

We love our family more than anything!

If you want to follow them and see some of their creative videos here are some links:

Social Media:

Instagram: @disneytwincess

Tiktok: @disneytwincess

Youtube: /disneytwincess

Facebook: Twincess cosplay

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