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8 Tips to Remember While Cosplaying at a Con

Once your cosplay has been finished and you’re all ready for the convention here are things to be aware of before the con and once you get there.

  1. Know your character

Having done research during the creation portion of cosplay is important. Once you are ready to go to the convention you should do some more research on the personality and poses of the character that you are going to be playing.

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  1. Look up the weather before you go

On your way to a convention, it is important to know what type of weather that you will be encountering. As a cosplayer, you should plan to wear a cosplay that you will be comfortable in. If you’re attending a con that will be very hot or cold the cosplay that one decides on might need to change.

  1. Take breaks

Wearing a cosplay is often heavy and different from what you usually wear. So it is important to sit down and rest. This can be done by watching panels or going to lunch. If you don’t take these breaks then the con will drain you.

  1. Stay hydrated

With all the excitement and energy of the convention, something so simple can slip your mind. So make sure to either have a refillable water bottle or be making multiple stops throughout your day to drink liquids.

  1. Don’t become over encumbered

At a convention we all shop. While in cosplay it is important to not get too many things to carry around. It makes it harder to move, pose, and do activities.  So if you have a car, go back to it and put things away.

  1. Be aware of your surroundings

A convention is often very narrow spaces and cramped areas. It is important to be aware of the size of your costume, and any props that one might have on them so that they don’t accidentally damage their cosplay or someone else.

  1. Know where and when to take photos

While in cosplay one of the most fun parts is having your costume recognized and getting photos taken. But it is important not to take photos while in lines or in the exhibit hall. To get the best photos taken it’s important to know the convention center and the area around it.

8. Have fun and enjoy the con

Going to the convention isn’t only about the cosplay. It’s about other things as well. When at the convention enjoy everything that the con has to offer. Make sure to find everything that you enjoy.

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