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“The Mandalorian” Star Pedro Pascal was Ineligible for Golden Globe Nomination

We were curious how this particular thing was going to play out. If you were unaware, Pedro Pascal (“Narcos,” “Game of Thrones“) does NOT perform as the lead in “The Mandalorian” all the time on the Disney+ series, and we’re not just talking stunt-double situations.

Sources close to the production on season one say that Brendan Wayne, grandson of Hollywood cowboy icon John Wayne, spends way more time than Pascal does in the actual Mando kit. In fact, sources would go so far as to say it’s the majority of season 1, and that Pascal (who was in rehearsals for his Broadway production of King Lear) was “barely” on set.

The fact that Wayne was performing the character for more than just stunts was hidden by Disney+ until the news got out. They still don’t fully volunteer the information of just how much of season one Wayne was featured in.

“The Mandalorian,” photo courtesy of Disney+

Why would this matter in this case you ask? Because according to a new statement from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association regarding eligibility requirements for nominations for actors, “voice-only performances are not eligible in any acting category.”

Which, if you read between the lines, makes it sound like the organization is assuming Pascal did not perform the majority of The Mandalorian character’s screen time.

That said, Variety does point out that since Pascal was unmasked in the season 1 finale, the HFPA confirmed as of today that the actor “could have been nominated.” We assume this means “if the finale had been seen during the voting period,” which it wasn’t.

Season 2 of “The Mandalorian” is already shaping up to be pretty amazing, and we can’t wait.

Season 1 is currently streaming in Disney+, as well as “The Mandalorian: Gallery,” which is a behind-the-scenes documentary focusing on Jon Favreau‘s creation and execution of the show.

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