This Tea Set Intentionally Features Ants if You Ever Wanted to Creep Out Your Friends

What is the worst part of eating outside with family? Give you a hint, they are tiny, there are a ton of them, and they either bite or they don’t bite. Ants. Since the beginning of my life ants have always been a nuisance to me. It seemed like no matter where I went in my front yard I ran into them. Gah! Annoying! Can’t leave anything sitting out for too long outside because those little creeps will find their way to your things.

So when I saw this picture posted to Facebook I was taken aback.

Etsy seller by the name of LAPHILIE makes these beautiful yet disturbing china tea sets. Items such as:

Espresso cups
tea cups

And much more! The price tag is heft but for a one of a kind item with realistic ants painted on them the price to me is well worth it.

If you want to check out the link to the listing you can do so by clicking here.

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