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Hasbro Has Released All of the 1980’s Animated G.I. Joe Series On YouTube

Growing up in the 80’s we had some pretty awesome cartoons. We had Garfield and Friends, She-Ra, Masters of the Universe, Gem, The Littles, and G.I.Joe, to only name a few of course, it was a wonderful time when we would wear pajamas, sit in front of that TV that only had about ooh, 13 channels (if I remember correctly) and you had to dial on the TV. And make sure those bunny ears were right otherwise you wouldn’t get the reception that you needed. With all this quarantine and social distancing, it may be hard to try and keep yourself busy. I mean you can only do so many cat weddings until it drives you crazy. Or clean that one spot that’s on your counter that we all know is not going to come out with bleach so many times. 

How about I make a suggestion for you, Hasbro has just released the full line of the greatest 1980s G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero animated series on YouTube. That’s right, the first three five-part story arc which is about 15 episodes a piece, has been released on YouTube for your convenience. 

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Now put down that camera. I’m sure your cat will appreciate you not dressing it up again, and put down the sponge that spot is not coming out. And treat yourself to a marathon of nostalgia and some G.I. Joe.

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