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Pokemon Sword & Shield Starts New Decade With Shiny Magikarps

I am sure that many of you out there are still deciding what to do to celebrate the new year. While some of you are probably looking at going to a loud party or club, that may not be the most enticing for everyone. For those that enjoy a quiet evening with a few friends, Nintendo is offering the perfect event to have fun and snag a neat pokemon along the way.

Starting now and running through Friday, January 3rd, both Pokemon Sword and Shield, will be increasing the chance of gaining a Shiny Magikarp in battles. Not that they are necessarily making it easy. According to tracking sites like, the chances of grabbing a shiny is only around 8% of the time. Its still way higher than normal, which means that players eager to fill out their pokedex should jump on this opportunity.

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A major reason why old school Pokemon fans should also go for this chance is for what Magikarp offers. Evolving a shiny Magikarp will net you a shiny Gyrados, which holds special resonance for players going back to Pokemon Gold and Silver. Old school fans can relive some old school action and also have a cool Pokemon in their arsenal. Regardless of your age, you owe it to yourself to link up with friends to get your hands on this fun prize.