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The World’s First Working Protosaber is Here

As a child I always dreamed of owning a lightsaber after watching Star Wars. My softball bat, a tube of cardboard, anything I could really get my hands on. I was a brave Jedi sworn to defend the galaxy from the evil empire! My huge front lawn was my area to defend. But even as an adult I still want a lightsaber. They still look amazing and I would give an arm and a leg to have one (get it?).

Youtuber Hacksmith decided to take the challenge to try and make their own lightsaber. Check it out!

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Hacksmith had to make a box to make his own battery pack which ended up weighing around 35lbs. And then didn’t work. So he had to go back to the drawing board. The battery ended up being around 50lbs so very heavy. The whole video is super interesting to watch. The lightsaber itself is very dangerous and he explains that it’s basically a bolt of lightning. So probably don’t try this at home.

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