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(Yes it’s Real) Mountain Dew Body Wash Is Coming

Do you ever just sit back and enjoy a soda and think to yourself, man I wish I could just bathe in this? Of course you haven’t because what sane person would? Not that I am dissing anyone who has, but it’s a weird thought, even for someone like me. Thankfully back on the reddit side of the internet  a Reddit user by the name of Woopdeedo photoshopped this picture. 

Yeah it was an internet prank and some people actually thought that it wasn’t a bad idea to begin with! The Doritos face wash is still throwing me off. I love cheese but. . .as a face wash? Well guess what Mtn Dew listened to everyone who shared this image web wide

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“The image was shared across social media, and many of our fans said the same thing: Make. It. Happen.” the Mountain Dew team wrote in a note to Best Products. “So we did. Who are we to deny DEW nation?” 

So they released their own body wash, that is intense citrus and bold kick ass confidence. It comes in an 8oz bottle and will ONLY be limited to 250 bottles worldwide. I honestly just want to buy it because I am ever so curious about this. And hey, I could use some bold kick ass confidence.

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