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Stalone Still has the Turtles from “Rocky”

We all know the Rocky movies. Hell even as kids we would run around and raise our hands and scream “ADRIAN!” If you didn’t you are lying to yourself big time. As a child I didn’t pay much attention to the movies. But now that I am older I appreciate what a classic that they are. One thing that I distinctly remember is the turtles. And not because turtles are one of my favorite animals in the world. I just love the whole scene with Cuff and Link.

The “exotic” animals that Rocky had, and forgot that Adrian had even sold them to him. You can tell he is nervous and so is she. But hey, the chemistry between the actors is something magical.

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Just recently Sylvester took to social media to show off his exotic animals. And wouldn’t you know it, it’s Cuff and Link!

How it warms my heart to see that our beloved turtles are still with us and 44 years of age! Love you tons Cuff and Link and Sylvester thanks for looking out for them all of these years.

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