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Pottery Barn’s ‘Harry Potter’ Line Is Going to Take All Your Money

From Pottery Barn and PB Teen comes a ‘Harry Potter’ line that is so beautiful, classy, and extensive that there’s no way fans of the franchise aren’t going to lose their minds. And every cent they have. Because the fact of the matter is this: Pottery Barn is expensive! Outrageously, outlandishly, and unnecessarily expensive.

I first became aware of the brand when I foolish enough to think that decorating my first child’s room with a theme was a good idea. Seduced by the peaceful lifestyle projected by the Pottery Barn catalog, I was almost fooled into bankruptcy until my mind and senses resumed their normal stingy functions.

Artify – Square

Harry Potter fans admiring this collection may or may not experience the same feelings. Teen Line be damned, the HP Pottery Barn line is classy as the dickens (see, it’s so luxurious I can’t even say hell- the ability has vanished like a wizard in the night!)

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

A Hedwig Bedside Table

A Faux Hogwarts Book Set Lock-Box

A Great Hall Dresser with the Hogwarts Emblem Inside

A Hogwarts Great Hall Bedframe (With House Emblems on it)

A Phoenix Floor Lamp

Harry Potter Themed Bean Bag Chairs

A Gold Snitch Desk Lamp

Keep Going!
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A Hedwig Table Lamp

Jewelry Holders

Gold Wall Hooks

Velvet House Robes

Kitchen Accessories

Have fun going broke!

Would you decorate your house in Harry Potter? What’s your dream item from the series? Tell Nerdbot about it in the comments!

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