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12 of the Best ‘Harry Potter’ Things on Etsy!

Browsing Etsy is always a fun time seeing as everything is original and custom made. You can literally order anything as long as you ask politely. Harry Potter has a ton of official merch right now at Target, but what if you want things that no one else has? Then Etsy is your best bet. Here is a list of some of the coolest things made for Harry Potter fans out there.

Harry Potter Sunshade

Are you sick of generic car shades? Love Harry Potter? Why not put this in your car so that Potterheads everywhere can relive this amazing moment from the films!

ID Badge Reel

Jazz up your workplace by showing off your house! You can pick one of these up for under $5 bucks and it makes a great gift!

Harry Potter Inspired Dog and Cat Collars

Do you think your cat is more of a Gryffindor? or a Slytherin? If he loves food maybe he’s a Hufflepuff! No matter what house you and your cat or dog are in there is a cute way to show off your affiliation! Check out these cute collars here.

Alohomora Key Rack

If you are always misplacing your keys why not use the spell alohomora! This way you are guaranteed to be able to find your way around and “magically” open those doors!

Jewelry Dish

What better way to keep your rings and other favorite jewelry safe than by putting them in a Harry Potter themed dish. Not only that but it carries the sentiment “Always” which is probably one of the most memorable Snape lines ever.

Felix Felicis Liquid Luck Good

Here is a great gift for anyone looking for a new job, starting school or just starting a new chapter in their lives. It’s a great price for something that is sure to bring good luck.

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Ceramic Coasters

These coasters feature snippets from the books and are the perfect addition to any coffee table. Especially if you need somewhere to set down your Butterbeer while reading a novel.

Wooden Bookmark

These are perfect to save your place in whatever fantasy novel you have picked up. The best part is there is a design for each house so if you are Hufflepuff you can show it off with pride.

Hogwarts Passport Cover

If you like to travel but can’t always make it to Platform 9 3/4 you may want to use this passport cover. This way you will be able to fell magical however you travel.

Marauders Map Minnie Mouse Ears

Want to show off some Harry Potter Pride but can’t quite make it to Universal Studios? Check out these cool Minnie ears! The bow even comes in either Gold or Maroon.

Common Room Candles

They sell these in a pack or individually for Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, Slytherin and Hufflepuff. These are probably the coolest on the list because everyone loves ambiance and scents! Or at least I do. Why not make it feel like home all the time with one of these common room candles?

Jewelry Box

This is the perfect place to store your Time Turner. It comes in Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Gryffindor. Sorry Slytherin, if you want one of your own check out this listing instead.

This is not a sponsored post. Etsy is a fantastic place for wizards and muggles alike so if you see something you enjoy please support the artists!

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