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Is HBO’s Watchmen A Sequel To Zack Snyder’s Movie?

Game Of Thrones is over and I need a reason to keep my HBONow subscription. It’s weird but I feel like only eight years or so ago the Home Box Office kept my attention year round. One killer Sunday night lineup followed by the next from January through November. However in recent times the network […]

Go Beyond The Multiverse In Doomsday Clock Issue #10

How does one go beyond a multiverse? To put it simply, like an old rerun of Emeril Live… you kick that sucker up a notch! But we’ll get there. For the moment let’s turn our attention to the aftermath of the events that transpired in Doomsday Clock Issue #9. If anyone hasn’t officially called it […]

The New HBO Watchmen Teases Reinvention

Ever since news broke that HBO and Damon Lindelof were doing an adaptation of the graphic novel Watchmen, information on what that would actually look like has been…scarce. The classic graphic novel by Alan Moore carries a ton of baggage over whether it is even possible to make something that captures the epic spirit of […]