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Mobile Gaming: Where It is Now and the Advancements We Will See in the Future

The rise of our digital landscape has seen not just the development of technology, but also the introduction and dominance of new industries. The gaming industry, in particular, has risen above most other forms of entertainment, with some major releases pulling in more revenue than summer blockbuster movies.  Perhaps the most surprising contributor to the […]

The Advantages of Mobile Casino Games

The gambling industry has made major leaps since the last century started thanks to the rapid advancement of technology. Since the first online gambling site was launched back in 1994, there are more than six hundred online casinos actively operating in the market and promoting their games in major markets like America, the UK, and […]

Pokemon Let’s Sleep?

One great thing about Nintendo is that they are always looking for new ways to break the status quo when it comes to gaming. And it seems like they’re at it again with there new game/app for both IOS and Android “Pokemon Sleep” that will track your sleeping patterns. The game has just been announced […]