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“Knighthood” is a Rather Pleasant Surprise from King Digital [Review]

Launched in late February of this year from the makers of “Candy Crush,” “Knighthood” is a breath of fresh air when it comes to Fantasy Turn-Based mobile games. Released by King Digital Entertainment, the game boasts a unique art style with clean, crisp graphics. The mechanics of the game are easy to learn and the small story added keeps things moving forward; and we here at Nerdbot are just gushing over it.

               When you first begin the game, you are introduced to the story in small doses

When players first begin the game, they are introduced to the story in small doses. The main character wants to become a Rage Knight, and they might not be up to the task. From the intro we enter a character creator. The overall process gives an almost plain looking character, but it fits perfectly in the worlds art style. Players don’t need much to enjoy the aesthetics of the game; It’s simple, nothing clashes with one-another and when entering combat… it’s beautiful.

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              Combat play is easy enough to learn in one shot

Combat play is easy enough to learn in one shot. To use weapons simply tap the center of the screen; after players acquire the “gauntlet” weapon, they will do up swipes to punch. Future Rage Knights battle multiple opponents at once. During rounds players are allowed to make four moves. Attacks can be stacked together for combos, and if the opposing character is defeated mid-combo just swipe to the side where another character is and it will continue.

             Every time you do a physical attack you begin building your rage meters

Every time a physical attack is performed the games “Rage Meters” begin filling. Two of the meters charge collected heroes. These heroes are switchable before combat. each hero carries a unique attack that can be more impactful depending on the race of the characters players are battling against. The large rage meter charges the players special attack. When this meter is fully charged players will have a split moment to select one of the two heroes attached to the main character.

            As you continue the questing story you begin to collect gold and certain metals

As the questing story continues players will begin to collect gold and certain metals. Gold can be used to purchase new equipment from shops that are unlocked on the rage knights journey; precious metals however are used to level up existing weapons and/or equipment. During the first quest line, players will unlock a mine that gives them a few metals a day for free. Micro-transactions are not the focus here, which given King’s history with their most notable flagship game, It’s a bit of a shock.

 Micro-transactions are not the focus here, which given King's history with their flagship game "Candy Crush", It's a bit of a shock

Final Thoughts

We like this game. It’s a fun turn-based strategy that uses character traits to make players think about who they want on their team. The story isn’t just another throw away fantasy backdrop, it does have some depth and only time will tell if King plans on utilizing that to help keep things fresh. Personally hoping for more attack options that can be executed with new swiping combos.  Now this game does feature our most despised game mechanic (*cough* autoplay *cough*), but it can only be utilized for farming certain side missions, and we can live with that. Now this game does have a PVP mechanic which we’re not touching on, only because we didn’t feel like it added much to the overall experience.

Knighthood is a good game that keeps the player involved and makes them interact with a new world. The artists behind this should definitely be praised for their efforts, and we strongly hope that they got a raise. Get to questing Rage Knights, and make sure that your rage meter is full at all times.

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