Author: Javier Casillas

A lover of mobile games. Part time writer, full time father. I own and operate Nerdious Brands on Instagram and Facebook. I enjoy artistic flair that comes from the heart, Anyone who calls themselves an artist should visit "Meow Wolf" in Sante Fe, New Mexico to see exactly what I mean. "Help those around you, and be kind".

Are you a fan of tabletop RPG campaigns? With the new Covid-19 restrictions around the world, more and more people are not able to leave their homes. Weekly events have been cancelled and this whole situation has made others realize what actual items they have at their disposal to end boredom. People have also realized over these last few weeks that not everyone has access to a computer, or even a gaming console; don’t worry though because this app will get that weekly adventure back on everyone’s schedule. Created by Adriano Cola, “mRPG Chat” is a text based multiplayer adventure…

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