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Would ‘Solo’ Have Done Better if Released Today

Solo was released back in May of this year. It seems like so long ago now that we were all wondering exactly how this film would do in the landscape of Star Wars movies. It turns out, not well. Writer for the film Jon Kasdan tweeted earlier today that he wonders if it would have […]

Star Trek VS Star Wars: Scratching the Equally Opposite Surface

The rivalry between Star Trek and Star Wars is as old as the stories themselves. Fans of either are some of the most dedicated and loyal fans of any form of entertainment. On the surface, the rivalry seems to be Science Fiction fans arguing over ‘Which one is better Sci-Fi?’, and to many it might […]

Donald Glover To Return as Lando in Solo Flick

Still waiting to meet someone who thinks Donald Glover is just okay. Seriously, do you know anybody who can’t stand the thirty-five year old comedian who is currently one of the hottest talents in Hollywood? If so, you probably shouldn’t be friends with them. The man does it all. Whether you prefer his stand up, […]

Where is O.G. Star Wars?

With Solo: A Star Wars Story coming out May 25th, it would be nice to get together with friends and revisit the original trilogy that made us all love Han Solo. When sending out invites for a watch party, the question that keeps coming back is this: “Which version do you have?” Seeing as my […]

Leaked Art From Han Solo Movie

While The Last Jedi is raking in more cash than a small country’s Gross Domestic Product, a rather interesting development is taking place with the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story. As we all know, the Han Solo, solo film has been making headlines ever since directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller were dismissed from […]

The Road to The Last Jedi

We’re less than two weeks away from our next epic installment of Star Wars. The Last Jedi is sure to be filled with a myriad of juicy plot points that enhance what we were introduced to in The Force Awakens. As fans we couldn’t help but cause mass hysteria, insane fan theories, and tons and […]

The Latest ‘Last Jedi’ Trailer is Here

We are less than a month and a half away as we continue to get some hype material for the upcoming chapter of the Star Wars saga. The Last Jedi will be picking up right where we last saw our heroine with Luke Skywalker and light-saber in hand. While the trailer is relatively short, it […]

Lego Review – Millennium Falcon 75105

I am fortunate enough to start my LEGO reviews with a set that has all the appeal of buying a real life space ship while providing fodder for the imagination. Add to the fact that it make’s it’s long awaited return in the upcoming Star Wars : The Force Awakens, The 2015 Millennium Falcon 75105-1 […]