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Lego Review – Millennium Falcon 75105

I am fortunate enough to start my LEGO reviews with a set that has all the appeal of buying a real life space ship while providing fodder for the imagination. Add to the fact that it make’s it’s long awaited return in the upcoming Star Wars : The Force Awakens, The 2015 Millennium Falcon 75105-1 is one of the coolest additions to ABS collection so far. There’s appreciation for design, there’s intrigue at the mystery of the characters, and pure inspiration in the building process.

Before moving on, I want to offer a more direct breaking-down of pieces, minifigs, bags, and booklets, etc. to help you have solid data on hand when considering a purchase. Our ultimate goal is to determine which provide the appropriate needs of any Builder or Collector:

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Upon reviewing the data, it’s fairly easy to note the Light Bluish Gray and Dark Bluish Gray account for at least 75% of the total piece count. The black pieces are a healthy majority mix of plates with around 36 Technic pins. This set is plate heavy and brick short in best way possible. The interior detail has been stepped up since its predecessor and the plated exterior is an excellent example of how efficient plates can be used. The exterior also benefits from detail markings of Flat Silver and Dark Red as well as some tastefully placed Light Bluish Gray tiles.

At the moment, All minifigs included with the Millennium Falcon are exclusive to this set with exception to Rey and BB-8. There isn’t much known about the villain characters, but they do come with old school pirate guns which was fun to find. Chewy also gets a new specialized weapon fashioned after a crossbow enhanced with LEGO’s new fancy stud blaster. Getting an older Han Solo is pretty cool, but the Minifig that captured our attention the most was that of Finn. Dressed in what appears to be a jacket worn by the new Rebellion, Finns Minifig also comes with a pretty unique hair piece. Also included is a very stationary BB-8 which can be placed on a stud. Overall, the high Minifig count is something you can look forward too as LEGO price points go up on higher tier Licensed intellectual properties.

One thing to consider in regards to piece reusability is that all stickers on this set are used to add detail to smooth round and rectangular tiles and are crucial to parts of the design like the Hyperdrive and Turret locations on the top and bottom of the ship. They add exceptional details especially to the seating area with the chess board piece which is also now exclusive to this set.

What makes deciding whether this build is better either Builders or Collectors comes down to several factors. One of the main factors being if you already own the 2011 Millennium Falcon 7965-1 with the ever familiar ‘A New Hope’ star studded cast. With it’s similar plated exterior design, this retired set hasn’t changed much and the inventory matches nearly 90% of it’s predecessor. If you already have the 2011 model I say don’t buy to Builders unless you’re looking to double your gray wedge plate inventory and desperately need the FA minifig for your builds. Some sites have leaked information about the 2016 FA sets and minifigs so I think it’s worth the wait.

Collectors this one’s for you!!!

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