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Alexandrea Orozco-Lau

Robert Downey Jr. Pushes for Ironheart to Join the MCU

With Ironman gone there are some big shoes to fill.  The death of our beloved character leaves us to question the future of the MCU. Well fear not my friends because Robert Downey Jr is at it again and pushing for Ironheart to be a part of the new MCU. Robert was recently accepting a […]

Stalone Still has the Turtles from “Rocky”

We all know the Rocky movies. Hell even as kids we would run around and raise our hands and scream “ADRIAN!” If you didn’t you are lying to yourself big time. As a child I didn’t pay much attention to the movies. But now that I am older I appreciate what a classic that they […]

Will We See More Beta Ray Bill in the MCU Future?

Since Endgame has finished it leaves us to think of the future of MCU. Who we will meet? And what will become of our favorite hero’s now that Iron Man is gone (if that was a spoiler, you should have seen the movie by now, for shame). Already the internet is a buzz with many […]

More New Oreo Flavors to Look Forward to This Year!

We all know our beloved Oreo’s. And we all no doubt will admit that we have consumed our fair share of sleeves upon sleeves of cookies. Hell I ate an entire pack in one sitting, I didn’t even realize it. But Oreo has announced some new flavors for the summer. Get the milk ready people […]