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Women of FGC Panel at EVO

While attending Evolution earlier this month I had gotten wind that there would be a Women of the FGC panel. (FGC stands for Fighting Game Community). I was excited for the lineup:

Emily Tran ‘NYXROSE’

Caitlyn Thiher ‘EIDLONN’

Ricki Ortiz 

Marine Sivongsa ‘MAHREEN’

Samantha Hancock ‘PERSIA’

Junae Benne

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Sherry Jenix


This panel was hosted by XO Academy and Combo Queens.  Throughout the session each woman gave her opinion on certain topics and others chimed in on person experiences. Overall the panel was a Q & A session, but there was a lot to take in. 

As a woman who plays games I felt a rather strong connection on what they were saying and going through. Some of the ladies even talked about their own stalkers and how it is very important to speak up and let others know of your situation. My heart dropped when heard an account of sexual harassment one of the panelists went through. It was something that I couldn’t believe at all. 

They gave some great advice for the next generation and for those who are still trying to get their feet wet. Basically, be humble, be kind, and don’t take crud from anyone. If you see something say something, and get a support squad. Leaving the panel you couldn’t help but feel a bit more empowered. Thanks Combo Queens and XO Academy!

If you want to watch the Twitch playback, here ya go.

Cover Image Credit: Combo Queens

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