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More New Oreo Flavors to Look Forward to This Year!

We all know our beloved Oreo’s. And we all no doubt will admit that we have consumed our fair share of sleeves upon sleeves of cookies. Hell I ate an entire pack in one sitting, I didn’t even realize it. But Oreo has announced some new flavors for the summer. Get the milk ready people here they come!

For May they are releasing S’mores. Though they missed their chance for S’mOreos. Hitting stores beginning May 13th.

For June we get a new thin permanent flavor, latte! Equal parts of heaven on a delicious cookie. Ah, could this be a match made in heaven? I love you a latte~

50 years ago we went to the moon. What better way to celebrate the moon landing than marshmallow moon cookies!, yes friends they are coming to shelves (and stomachs) come mid June (ish)

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The original 31 flavors of ice cream Baskin Robbins is teaming up with Oreos to bring us this delectable flavor! This is set to hit stores by the scoop (or two) by mid July.

With summer coming and going it’s only natural to set the mood just right with Maple. Ah, the taste of fall (even better than pumpkin, fight me) These little beauties will be landing in stores by the end of August, just in time for my birthday!

Which flavor are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments!

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