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Rick Ceballos

Infomercial Legend Ron Popeil of Ronco Has Passed Away

Its hard to explain to people under a certain age about how television used to be something you just watched instead of something you controlled. The new streaming age makes it effortless to see what you want how you want it. It wasn’t that long ago that such an idea was a luxury, where you […]

Nia DaCosta’s “Candyman” Gets Established Final Trailer

After several delays as a result of the pandemic, Nia DaCosta‘s “Candyman” is finally getting a full theatrical release on August 27th. To help reestablish excitement for the sequel to the cult classic horror film, Universal Pictures put out a brand new trailer featuring brand new footage along with a better sense of where the […]

Overzealous Peter Pan Crashes Through Window in School Play

Its an odd moment when you realize you had taken something seemingly normal for granted. Especially in the last year when most of the routine events in our lives were suddenly taken away in exchange for fist fights in grocery stores over the last roll of toilet paper. You get so caught up in everything […]