Saturday, June 6, 2020

Kurt Broz

THE Kurt Broz is not just a personality for Nerdbot, but he's also the editor-in-chief and a real live scientist! Born on the snowy shores of Lake Erie in good ol' Cleveland, Ohio, Kurt Broz has been there and back again, now residing in sunny Southern California. You can find THE Kurt Broz in cosplay, buying comics, hiking, and even writing for Nerdbot and WLFK Productions. He may be a child of the 80's but he is certainly a man of the world.

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Spider-Man: Far From Home Theory Roundup

As a Spider-Man nerd since I could read and a film geek for as long as I could remember, I love a good Spider-Man flick. I also enjoy making wild, unsubstantiated guesses about things I...

The Game of Thrones Twist We All Saw Coming

SPOILERS AHEAD. SPOILER ALERT. I WILL GIVE AWAY THE ENTIRE PLOT. PERIOD. There, that is out of the way. Daenerys Targaryan burned down a city full of...

Fixing Jurassic World’s Dinosaur Problem

The first Jurassic Park movie came out when I was 10 years old. That's a crucial time for the development of a monster-loving, dinosaur book-reading, future wildlife biologist. It's one of the watershed...

Gollum is Real and He’s a Fish

Crazy biologists (myself included) have a long history of being nerds and naming species after nerdy things. There's a fish named Iago, the villain in Shakespeare's Othello - not the parrot. There's a...

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Dr. Katie Bouman and the Black Hole Algorithm

Have you seen the amazing, groundbreaking image of a black hole unveiled Wednesday, 4/10/2019? It's the first every image of a black hole and an amazing achievement for a team of more than...

The 5 Strangest Plants

When you think of trees, flowers, and ferns, you probably think of green... maybe a salad... even a beautiful flower. But wait! Plants live weird, sexy, and exciting lives! Lives worthy of big...

The Many Lives of Captain Marvel

In 1940, C.C. Beck and Bill Parker created one of the most iconic heroes of all time for publisher Fawcett Comics: Captain Marvel! Captain Marvel was young boy Billy Batson, imbued with the amazing powers...

First Look: Sonic the Hedgehog

The style guide - basically an art guide for drawing a character in various poses with colors, views, etc. - was leaked for the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie. The images first showed...



You’ve Seen Baby Yoda, Get Ready for Baby Darth Maul

It's a little late but at least it's cute! We've found this baby Darth Maul on Twitter drawn by "PAW Patrol" artist...

“Star Wars” Boba Fett Inspired Stoneware is Coming!

Get ready for the next season of the Mandalorian with a cool new Boba Fett dinner set!

Nintendo Plushies Lined Seats at Korean Baseball Game

Practicing social distancing can be hard, but people are finding more and more ways to be creative with it. This Korean Baseball game used Pokemon plushies to line the seats to feel less empty.

TIL: When a Pelican Overheats it Pulls its Spine Out of its Mouth

Today we learned pelicans can pull up their spines to cool them off... and they have a crazy way of yawning.

Artist Creates Life-Sized Luck Dragon for a Sick Little Boy Named Atreyu

An artist created a life sized Falkor for a sick little boy. And it's the sweetest thing we have ever seen.