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Researchers Convert Wi-Fi to Electricity

What if you could charge your phone wirelessly… just by being on Wi-Fi AND without a battery?

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Researchers at MIT – with other scientists – have made a next gen jump by creating a flexible antenna that can charge a mobile device by converting wi-fi energy to electricity. A newly designed rectenna uses Wi-Fi to create an AC current. This is another huge jump towards battery free, continually charged electronics. It isn’t truly free energy, but it’s the closest we’ve gotten.

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Other exciting possibilities according to Zhang and others include powering devices for medical reasons. These kinds of devices may also transform more household objects into affordable parts of the “internet of all things”. As the paper states, “This work provides a universal energy-harvesting building block that can be integrated with various flexible electronic systems.”

I look forward to my folding iPhone X7 that doesn’t have a battery.

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