Thursday, April 9, 2020


David Amadeus Pacheco is a photographer, writer, and assistant videographer for Nerdbot. He's a lvl76 memelord who studied Music Composition and Broadcasting and also runs Rock Me Amadeus, Photography. His favorite video game series include The Legend of Zelda, Hyperdemension Neptunia, Civilization, StarCraft, Final Fantasy, and Kingdom Hearts

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PAX West Show Dates Announced

The 2018 Penny Arcade Expo or PAX as it's more commonly referred to has announced its dates and prices for its show in Seattle, Washington (PAX West). From Aug 31- Sep 3rd we highly recommend any...

Valentine Gift Guide: Nerd Edition

Looking for an awesome gift for your special somebody or rather yourself? There's nothing wrong with that, after all, you deserve to treat yo' self! There's no need to fret while everybody is out and about worrying about...

Marvel vs Capcom Dropped From EVO’s Line-up?

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite is facing an uphill battle with fans of fighting games and EVO. While the game was fairly well received, it was not without its controversy. Fans weren't too keen on the removal...

Overwatch League Skins Will Use New Currency

According to Overwatch League's Twitter account starting January 10th 2018, Overwatch will be adding all 12 inaugural team skins into the official skin roster as well as launching a new currency called "League Tokens" to go along with...

Top 10 Final Fantasy Themes of All Time

By far the best thing about the Final Fantasy series is the theme music. Every time we hear about a new game we here at Nerdbot ask ourselves the question that maybe most people don't...

Top 7 Examples of Classical Music in Games

While It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Video Game music, it might be lesser known that I’m actually a bigger fan of “Classical” and orchestral music. Classical here being used as an...

Move Over Hatsune Miku, Our Newest Virtual Diva is Here

We were first gifted with the world’s first Virtual Diva back in 2007 with Crypton Future Media’s release of the Hatsune Miku Vocaloid (whose voice was sampled from V.O. actress Saki Fujita) and now we...

Are Video Games Saving Symphony Orchestras?

  "The air was gently warm; the grass, green. Gentle breezes rustled the branches as the local birds flew by. The Contrabassoon bellowed off distance in the nearby theater, powerfully loud enough to the point of...

Razer Enters The Mobile Gaming Market

Razer has been known for pushing high-quality PC gaming accessories but today they unveil their biggest ambition to date. While Obviously marketed towards gamers, the Razer Android phone boasts impressive stats to go along with...



Free 3D Printable Darth Vader Protective Mask

There is a free pattern for an filtered face mask that looks like part of Darth Vader's helmet.

Queen Elizabeth Wore Green Screen Color On TV And The Internet Gave Her A Makeover

The Queen of England has had a habit of wearing the color green in public and onscreen, and the internet's photoshop skills do not disappoint.

Pokemon Mandala Pages Free For Printing

There are over 300 pages in this Pokemon Mandala collection! Perfect for printing and coloring.

Matthew McConaughey Plays Virtual Bingo with Austin Seniors

Matthew McConaughey surprised the seniors at Round Rock Senior Living by hosting virtual bingo

Here’s a Free Pattern for a Bane Filtered Face Mask

There is a free pattern for a 3d printable face mask for Bane that has a spot for a filter.