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Valentine Gift Guide: Nerd Edition

Looking for an awesome gift for your special somebody or rather yourself?

There’s nothing wrong with that, after all, you deserve to treat yo’ self! There’s no need to fret while everybody is out and about worrying about what to get that special nerd in your life. Who are we kidding, we know it’s you. Nerdbot has got you covered from head to toe, baby! okay, maybe not head to toe you’re an adult after all and we doubt you still need assistance getting dressed. And if you happen to find yourself alone this season we guarantee that the stuff on this list will get all the IRL babes looking your way. (our lawyers asked us not to make subjective guarantees) Here’s a list of some of the coolest new gear Nerdbot managed to get its hands on. We weren’t paid for this but we did get to test out some of the coolest new swag of 2018.




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Alright guys, let’s be honest with ourselves. How many of us spent one too many days gaming into the wee hours of the morning? And by one I mean 3 weeks in a row. Exactly. Pretty much every single one of us. AYO works by utilizing blue light to suppress our melatonin levels the same way sunlight works to wake us up in the morning. Along with a personalized app and routine the AYO essentially works by letting us “hack” our circadian rhythm which comes in pretty handy if you travel a lot and are prone to jetlag. AYO is backed by chronobiology research which is totally a thing. It comes with a pill like carrying case which also doubles as it’s charging dock and is controlled by a free companion app via Bluetooth. In the fairness of science, we were pretty skeptical of the AYO especially since it comes with a 299 price tag. But after testing it over a period of a month our resident co-host of the Gamecast show swears it helps her “stay fresh while these noobs stay salty” after long periods of gaming.

Atari Audiowear Hat

Out of all the hat trends to come out last year this one is by far the coolest one! As nerds, we have all fantasized walking down the street to our very own theme songs and with the Atari Speakerhat now you can! sporting connectivity via Bluetooth you and a couple of your buddies (granted they also have one of these hats) can sync up your audio for a veritable concert of hats at any party! We tested one of these bad boys by hitting up the streets to Kefka’s Theme and we turned heads to our delight as people confusingly tried to locate the sound for a few minutes before realizing that it came from our hat. It never failed to strike up a conversation with strangers. Controlled via single button push to play and pause music as well as answer phone calls. The speakers also double as microphones which pick up our voices quite clearly to our surprise. While the construction of the hat may be off-putting for some as it’s heavier than most hats and the bill is quite thick considerably so as it has to house the speakers and wires. The lithium-ion battery sits within the construction of the hat so you can barely even notice that it’s there. You can pick up your for 129.99 or the Limited Edition Blade Runner Speakerhat for 99.99 while supplies last!


Mr. Fusion Car Charger

Where we’re going we don’t need chargers! Or rather a need for having a bunch of wires hanging all over your center console. Unfortunately, you cannot power your phone recharge by converting trash into energy like in the movies as it has to plug into your 12v plug (cigarette lighter) It can power two devices simultaneously with its dual 2.1 A USB plugs. This has always managed to start a conversation with passersby whenever we parked the only downside to this is that while you can open the Mr. Fusion you can fit anything inside it just houses the telescoping cup holder, a real bummer, we know. While it would be nice to have a car charger without sacrificing the cupholder. We would gladly give up space for 20 minutes of nostalgia. It’s also really hard to beat the $19.99 price tag.


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With all the pricier nerd gifts out of the way, we come to one that is both geeky and practical with this 4-piece hot/cold cup set with tray. These sturdy lightweight plastic cups are perfect for your favorite programmer or PC enthusiast! Although it says these are 8-ounce cups they actually measure out to 6-ounces, a bummer we know but we managed to find a great use for these cups as sauce holders and appetizer tray. This was great for our weekend movie night with nachos and individual cheese holders (Yum) You can pick up this lovely gift for only $5.99


Artori Design “Super Shelfs”

This one is for all you bookworms out there! This two-piece “Floating” Superman shelf is one of many designs featuring superheroes themes bookshelves for your favorite avid comic collector. each shelf can hold a maximum of 3.5kg and is sure to start a buzz amongst visitors. You’re gonna make all the nerds jelly with this wicked cool bookshelf for under $30. Personally, it was rather easy to install as the and as long you anchor the shelf correctly it feels like it can very easily hold another kilo or two. Although, it did throw a few people for a loop to see my Legend of Zelda collection sitting atop of it instead of any DC related material.


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