Author: Heath Andrews

Heath Andrews has been a student of pop culture ever since he found himself to be the only student in 3rd grade who regularly watched "Get Smart" on Nick-At-Nite. Ever since then he's been engrossed in way too much media with a growing collection of music, books, comics, TV on DVD box sets, and a video game collection that could rival a brick and mortar store. Prior to writing for Nerdbot he's written for Review You, MyAnimeList, and various advertising companies. Since 2016 he's run his own YouTube channel under the moniker of The Critical Android where he livestreams video games and uploads podcasts about pop culture and Frasier.

The late 90s were a turbulent time for snack foods. You couldn’t go into a laundromat without Ali Landry walking in and flirtatiously tossing nacho-flavored corn chips into a dryer and eating them as they shot out into the air at dangerous speeds. But that was 23 years ago, and times have changed. Many of us might be feeling like we’ve been hit and flattened by the figurative truck that was 2020, but Doritos 3Ds are back to save the day for all of us, including Matthew McConaughey. There is a certain degree of absurdity to Doritos 3Ds back when…

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