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Missouri Man Claims to Have Recorded Audio of Bigfoot

Of the many paranormal things that people believe in, Bigfoot remains as one of the more interesting ones. Unlike aliens, Bigfoot is from Earth. Unlike ghosts or demons, the Sasquatch is a corporeal being that has nothing to do with the afterlife or another realm. In essence, Bigfoot is just a large man/monkey thing that no one has ever actually discovered real proof of. Because of how pervasive the belief in him is, a man from Missouri believes that an audio recording he captured is indeed Bigfoot.

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Before we go into this, let’s listen to the audio. A man known as Sean begins to play some audio that he recorded near his home in the forests of Missouri. He plays the sound back with added audio enhancement from the YouTube channel Sasquatch Theory.

The playback starts at two minutes, and can be heard below:

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For the rest of the video, Sean is interviewed about the audio he recorded, and about strange incidents that have happened around his home. There is no physical evidence presented about anything at all, just anecdotal evidence of something possibly hitting the side of his home, something following him quietly in the woods, and occasional breaks in the interview where they claim to hear something strange.

In being objective about the audio itself, the quality is awful. Yes, there’s some kind of howling, whoosh, etc., but because the audio had to be amplified to make it stand out more, we’re already not listening to a true recording, which should automatically be a red flag. That being said, now let’s break down why calling this an audio recording of a Bigfoot or Sasquatch scream is completely asinine and an affront to critical thinking.

Photo by Bloodyboppa WikiMedia Commons

To this day there is no proof of this creature’s existence. So, if we don’t know that it exists, then how can we know what it sounds like? We can’t. If we give the benefit of the doubt to Bigfoot’s existence, it is still scientifically impossible to say that any recorded noise, is in fact, the noise of a sassquach. If a person were to care at all about fact finding, the only reasonable thing to say is, “We can’t identify from this recording what kind of noise this is.” Just because you can’t tell what it is from the information on hand doesn’t mean it’s evidence of Bigfoot.

Given how much the sound had to be amplified, (as we can tell from how loud the general ambiance is) the sound of that cry had to be pretty far off. Without knowing where the sound was coming from, any kind of echo, if the animal was hurt and making an unusual noise, there is absolutely no reason to speculate into the paranormal or cryptid realm at this point. Honestly it’s probably just an injured animal making a sound that’s slightly unusual for its general nature, that’s it.

Photo by Oregon Department of Transportation WikiMedia Commons

Maybe your counter to this is that, even if it’s not Bigfoot, what’s the harm in speculating and having fun with it? The problem is the comment section. Look through it and see how many people are 100% certain of what this, Sean, experienced. They are willing to believe everything he said about something that is not proven to exist, just based on anecdotal evidence and a poor quality sound clip. The lack of critical thinking in people is becoming more and more dangerous especially in an age of disinformation. Sometimes when people start down the rabbit hole into conspiracies and the unexplained, they don’t come back out of it.

Maybe Bigfoot does exist and I’m wrong. Maybe a sasquatch did come up to Sean’s house and start banging on it. He could’ve felt alone and after all everyone knows that Missouri loves company! If so, I am totally willing to eat my plate of crow and admit I was off-base. Until then, the only video evidence of Bigfoot (outside of the monster truck) that truly exists, belongs to Pizza Hut.

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