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“The Brave Little Toaster” Fans Will Love Crocheted Blanky

If you grew up watching “The Brave Little Toaster,” you probably have a hard time letting go of inanimate objects. The Master is moving, and he’s in the process of getting all his things. He gathers some up but leaves behind some very special friends, Toaster, Blanky, Vacuum, Radio and Lamp. The film was released in 1987 by Disney.

If you’re familiar with “The Brave Little Toaster,” you’ll recognize this character right away. Blanky, the cute, adorable blanket that just wanted to get back to cuddle with The Master. While browsing one night, I stumbled upon one of the coolest things ever. I’d never seen this before so I thought that maybe our readers haven’t either.

Brittany Abner crocheted my favorite character from an 80’s movie ever- and that’s a BOLD statement for me to make.

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This would make the perfect gift for anyone who’s expecting a baby or was a baby in the 80s themselves. If you’d like to commission Brittany directly, she takes orders through her Instagram page.

It’s a classic that most 80’s babies cherish and one that influenced a lot of our hang ups. Mine for instance? I still have my original baby blanky and found another replacement, the same exact unbranded design on Ebay years later to replace it. I just can’t wrap my head around getting rid of it.

If you’re wondering where you can watch “The Brave Little Toaster” I’ve yet to find it streaming. The sequel’s are available on Disney+ but the original is missing due to distribution rights issues with Hyperion Pictures.

You can buy the DVD on Amazon if you really want to re-watch it.

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